You can expect to be greeted with a smile. Depending upon the reason you attend, consultation time changes, but most of our initial comprehensive assessments are about 60 minutes in duration. We would usually ask you questions about your issues, medical problems, review medications and perform examinations/tests as needed. If you have any questions about your specific appointment and what to expect, please call our lovely reception staff and they can help.
To assist us in providing the best medical care, we would kindly ask you to bring along all your medications.

We are more than happy for you to make the decision to come see us for yourself or your family member, but since this is a Specialist practice, in order to avail medicare benefits, you need a referral letter from your GP. This should ideally be faxed through prior to the appointment, so we can book you for the appropriate duration.

Out of pocket expenses depend upon the type of assessment required as well as the duration of the consultation.Please speak to our reception staff for further clarification of the same. We bulk bill DVA gold card holders.

We highly recommend you attend with family members that can support you in providing us all the information we need in assisting you, especially if the reason for visit is related to problems with memory. Due to COVID restrictions however, we might only be able to accomodate one or two members in the consultation room at any one time.

Certainly!! If you would like to nominate a family member who is responsible for bringing you to the appointment, or attending with you, we can remind them instead. Please let us know at the time of booking.

Please fill out a contact form and send it through to us and we can call you back to book the appointment at the most suitable time.